About Amy

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Bold and colorful not only describe Amy Carlisle’s art but her personality and life as well. Amy moves through life the same way she paints: passionately, purposefully, and joyfully. Mixing bold color with exuberant scenes, she continues to build an eclectic collection of artwork that doesn't fit a mold -- and doesn't need to.

Amy can paint a vibrant city street as easily as the African plains, a humble church gathering followed by a boisterous jazz bar. She paints the world as she sees it: full of life, energy and community. Perhaps this versatility stems from a childhood richly influenced by an adventurous and artistic grandmother who was based in Mississippi but travelled extensively, sketching her journeys along the way. While inspired by other artists like Walter Anderson, Clementine Hunter, and her own mother, Amy cites the enthusiastic Grandma Dot as a primary source of artistic inspiration--and her missing the smell of a cigarette! In nostalgic moments, Amy will even recreate a piece of Dot's work. It is a rare and sacred thing, indeed, to behold a grandmother's sketch take on new life at the easel of her grandchild. 

While Amy has painted and sung her way through Mississippi and Tennessee, she only recently picked the brush up in earnest as a need for soulful expression in the midst of the mundane…raising four rambunctious children and two dogs with her devoted husband Chuck, with whom she often collaborates. What began as a creative outlet-- painting on her back porch for a moment's peace--has taken flight into a vibrant, fresh, rejuvenating collection of artwork. 

Artist Statement: 

“I’m not afraid to be molded, but I also trust the process of breaking a mold. This is art - not to be right, but to be real.”



November 2018: St. George’s Art Show & Sale

October 2018: Steve Martin Fine Art Gallery, New Orleans, LA

September 2018: Amy was the featured artist for Baptist Memorial Hospital’s “Art of Caring” event.

September - October 2018: Featured Artist at Palladio Antiques

Spring 2018: Featured Artist at Palladio Interiors

Winter 2017: Collegiate School of Memphis Art Show & Fundraiser

Fall 2017: Forrest Spence Art Sale & Fundraiser

September 2017, 2018: Advance Memphis: Art for Jobs - Art Sale & Fundraiser

November 2017: St. George’s Art Show & Sale

Winter 2017: Art Gallery of St. George’s Episcopal Church